Project Lumber & Pallet wood

Upcycling and reclaiming pallet wood

Raised in the “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle” era, you never lose the desire to maximize the three R’s . Add a little dose of entrepreneurialism and I soon was acquiring a collection of pallets of all kinds. It has been quite a steep learning curve but we have refined our skills of seeing what each of the 16 standard skid formats have to offer in terms of upcycling and reclaimed lumber.

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Reclaimed Pallet Lumber

Saw milling

I was raised on a farm with a woodlot. Lumber was always around me. My father cut logs to have them milled into lumber for apple crates which we made in the winter time. Years later, as I was pursuing an interest in picture framing I wanted to have something to set us apart and having a variety of solid wood frames meant that I needed a source of Lumber. Did I say I love making sawdust!  I purchased a Chainsaw mill and have been making my own lumber since 2013.


We started out cutting logs to have lumber is for custom designed picture frames. It didn’t take long before we had a surplus, currently have an inventory of Cherry, Red Elm and Black Locust.