Picture Framing

Our specialty is custom made wood frames from local lumber.  When you have a need for a unique frame that compliments not only the artwork but its an integral part of the showing environment, we will partner with you to design such a frame. We are well aware that from the artist’s or photographer’s perspective it’s not about the frame. The frame is part of the package as a whole.

Woods like Cherry, Maple, Ash, Birch, and Butternut all have unique characteristics that when matched with a select staining process will be the catalyst to a beautiful and exquisite packaging of your art or photo.

We also are able to bring Basswood and Poplar finishes that match many of the premium species for a more modest price.

Please peruse our Frame collection for examples. Keep in mind the world is your oyster as far a design is concerned. We have made many custom frame designs from scratch in conjunction with our customers.