Bird Feeders

Rustic Pallet Wood Bird Feeders


Bird Feeders made from recycled pallet wood. We will custom build Feeders, Feeder Trays, or poles (stands) for your requirements. Contact us at 416 476 4169

      Large Tray Bird Feeder

Large Tray Bird Feeder painted with high quality exterior paint made to last for many seasons.  Purchase alone or with the Free Standing Bird Feeder Pole shown below


Free Standing Bird Feeder Pole

Rugged Bird Feeder Post made from recycled pallet wood. Has proven to withstand wind speeds of 70 – 90 kph. 


Basic Bird Feeder

A simple tray feeder with roof. Made from recycled pallet wood.

$20.00 each

Display Bench not for sale

Country Cottage two-sided hopper feeder

A popular feeder with a medium sized gravity feed hopper mounted on a solid stand

$ 100.00



Small Elevator Hopper Feeder

A cute little feeder that appeals to even the larger birds. The tray can be filled with the hopper to extend the feeding cycle.  Mounted on solid stand.



Shed Tray Feeder

A feeder designed to back toward the prevailing winds so the birds have some protection. Mounted on solid stand



Flared Roof Large Hopper Feeder

Large hopper feeder will supply feed in a busy feeding environment for about a week. Flared roof designed to dissuade larger birds (Doves) from landing. Mounted on a solid stand.


(sign not included)


Large Ground Tray Feeder

A great addition for the diversified birders. Giving the ground feeders a place or attempting to isolated different food types. This holds lots of seed. The Blue Jays and Juncos love it